About Us

MDAR staff have experience making dreams a reality for dozens of clients from around the world.

The driving force behind MDAR comes from 2 highly motivated people from very different walks of life.

Between us we have decades of experience in delivering customers dreams.

Stuart Hanlon - Managing Director and Chief Technician

Stuart is the technical and concept deliverer, who has been tirelessly coming up with innovative solutions to clients since the 1990s.
Until the launch of MDAR, Stuart had been one of the unseen army of technicians and experts that are so often responsible for the delivery of prestigious events around Europe.
Stuart has provided technical support to some of the highest levels of the corporate world for years, his polite and gentle approach ensured that presenters and technicians alike delivered to the best of their abilities.

John Mason - Sales and Marketing Manager.

John has spent many years working in the sales and marketing arena. Previously as Head of New Business at Bristol Film Studios, John dealt with a number of clients who demanded perfection when it came to customer service and a bespoke and personal sales approach.

John is also an award-winning promotional marketer, having been nominated in the IPAs Top 30 Under 30 campaign. John is a qualified Ski Instructor and keen SCUBA diver.